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Sustainable Styles

Introducing our recycled yarn collection for Spring & Summer. The base yarn used to create these styles is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Kangol Spring/Summer 24

The spring-summer collection looks to redefine our relationships with established ideas and structures, focusing on radical recycling and maximum resourcefulness. We remixed classics to make them contemporary, while celebrating creative freedom and expression.




Since 1938, beginning with the first Kangol style, our knit and blocked wool beret, Kangol has produced quality headwear which has become famous around the world.


Throughout our history musicians have adopted Kangol. From the Beatles, to the early days of hip hop, to today’s diverse and varied musical genres, Kangol is a part of the scene.


Kangol has always and will continue to develop new shapes, fabrications, and production methods to bring you the very best in comfort and style.

Youth Culture

 In every corner of the world Kangol embodies and defines the spirit of youth culture through our forward and innovative designs.


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