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504 Caps

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  1. Furgora 504 Cap
    Furgora 504 Cap
    Starting at $56.00
  2. Vented Stripes 504
    Vented Stripes 504
    Starting at $60.00
  3. Bermuda 504
    Bermuda 504
    Starting at $59.00
  4. USA Wool 504
    USA Wool 504
    Starting at $53.00

4 Items

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Fine hats and caps are formed by using tools known as "hat blocks". These are often made of such things as wood or aluminum, and are used by hat companies to achieve consistent quality in the shapes of their styles. The number 504 refers to the number that was given to this shape years back in our history, and is now one of our most popular and recognizable flat cap shapes.