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  1. Kangol Black
    Furgora Cuff Beanie
    Starting at $80.00
  2. Kangol Furgora Big Monty Beret - Pine
    Furgora Big Monty Beret
    Starting at $85.00
  3. Furgora-Matrix-Spacecap
    Furgora Matrix Spacecap
    Starting at $85.00
  4. Furgora-Apple-Cap
    Furgora Apple Cap
    Starting at $85.00
  5. Furgora-Matrix-Bin
    Furgora Matrix Bin
    Starting at $85.00
  6. Pine
    Furgora 504 Cap
    Starting at $65.00
  7. kangol ivory
    Furgora Bucket
    Starting at $80.00
  8. Furgora Headband
    Furgora Headband
    Starting at $60.00
  9. Furgora Links
    Furgora Links
    Starting at $68.00
  10. Furgora Skull Cap
    Furgora Skull Cap
    Starting at $65.00
  11. Furgora Spacecap
    Furgora Spacecap
    Starting at $70.00
  12. Kangol Electric Pink
    Furgora Casual
    Regular Price $80.00 Starting at $52.50

12 Items

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Furgora | Kangol

Shop iconic Kangol headwear made from our original Furgora® fabric. This proprietary fabric is fuller and richer than other materials you’ll find today. Furgora® fabric is a stylish and furry blend of our classic Angora fabric and other synthetic materials. Enjoy the feel and look of real fur minus the price tag of real fur. Shop our classic Furgora® headwear collection today. 

Reliable and Durable Fabric 

At Kangol, we make it easy for you to shop by fabric so you can meet your unique function and fashion requirements. Find the best selection of FurgoraⓇ hats and other accessories designed to provide reliability, durability, and longevity. This soft-touch material offers excellent lightness and breathability while keeping your head warm on cold, chilly days during autumn and winter. 

Whether you want a Kangol FurgoraⓇ skull cap, space cap, bucket hat, flat cap, or pull-on hat, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Our warm, furry Furgora headwear is perfect for layering and has become a perennial winter favorite for complementing iconic Kangol styles.

Shop Headwear By Fabric

Our headwear combines our iconic Furgora fabric and cap shape to create the ultimate wardrobe accessory. Furgora® fabric is original to Kangol since the beginning, standing for K(nit), ANG(ora), wo(OL). Our collection retains the knitted, seamless, and blocked construction that has always defined our product innovation. Enjoy a material that remains original from the beginning.

Shop your favorite Kangol FurgoraⓇ headwear for autumn and winter with total confidence at Kangol. Order today.