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  1. Rib Crop Sweater
    Rib Crop Sweater
    Starting at $128.00
  2. Logo Back Hit Tee
    Logo Back Hit Tee
    Starting at $68.00
  3. From the Jump Tee
    From the Jump Tee
    Starting at $68.00
  4. Sherpa Hoodie
    Sherpa Hoodie
    Starting at $149.00
  5. Iced Lilac
    Interlock Hoodie
    Starting at $115.00
  6. Zip Up Fleece Jacket
    Zip Up Fleece Jacket
    Starting at $130.00
  7. Flame Scarlet
    Patch Pocket Down Jacket
    Starting at $275.00
  8. Oversized Jacket
    Oversized Jacket
    Starting at $230.00
  9. Scarlet Ibis
    Workwear Paneled T-Shirt
    Starting at $55.00
  10. Peyote
    Sueded Stripe T-Shirt
    Starting at $55.00
  11. Black Beauty
    Workwear T-Shirt
    Starting at $45.00
  12. Peyote
    Sueded Polo Shirt
    Starting at $60.00
  13. Puritain Gray
    Sueded T-Shirt
    Starting at $40.00
  14. Deep Depth
    Workwear Waffle Tee
    Starting at $55.00
  15. Morel
    Sueded Crop Top
    Starting at $45.00
  16. Forest Brown
    Tie Dye Hoodie
    Starting at $75.00
  17. Grey/Black
    Tennis Tank Top
    Starting at $35.00
  18. Dark Green
    Tennis Tee
    Starting at $40.00
  19. Strawberry Moon
    Acid Wash Ruffle Popover
    Starting at $50.00
  20. Tickel Pink
    Basic Fleece Crop Top
    Starting at $45.00
  21. Cyclamen
    Ruffled Crop Top
    Starting at $38.00
  22. Mesa Rose
    Luxe Embroidered Crew
    Starting at $75.00
  23. Mesa Rose
    Luxe Embroidered Hoodie
    Starting at $85.00
  24. Terry Cloth Track Jacket
    Terry Cloth Track Jacket
    Starting at $70.00
  25. French Terry Track Jacket
    French Terry Track Jacket
    Starting at $65.00
  26. Vegan Leather Track Jacket
    Vegan Leather Track Jacket
    Starting at $75.00
  27. Velour Hoodie
    Velour Hoodie
    Starting at $65.00
  28. Coral
    Embroidered Hoodie
    Starting at $68.00
  29. French Terry Track Jacket
    French Terry Track Jacket
    Starting at $60.00
  30. Velour Crystal Zip Hoodie
    Velour Crystal Zip Hoodie
    Starting at $65.00
  31. Retro Track Jacket
    Retro Track Jacket
    Starting at $65.00
  32. Retro Popover
    Retro Popover
    Starting at $65.00
  33. Contrast Camo Hoodie
    Contrast Camo Hoodie
    Starting at $70.00
  34. Camo Hoodie
    Camo Hoodie
    Starting at $75.00
  35. RBW Colorblock Zip Up Hoodie
    RBW Colorblock Zip Up Hoodie
    Starting at $70.00
  36. RBW Colorblock Hoodie
    RBW Colorblock Hoodie
    Starting at $70.00
  37. RBW Colorblock Sweatshirt
    RBW Colorblock Sweatshirt
    Starting at $60.00
  38. Tonal Embroidered Sherpa Hoodie
    Tonal Embroidered Sherpa Hoodie
    Starting at $65.00
  39. Sporty Popover
    Sporty Popover
    Starting at $65.00
  40. Color Stripe Zip Hoodie
    Color Stripe Zip Hoodie
    Starting at $65.00
  41. Mesa Rose
    Perfect Crew Pullover
    Starting at $70.00
  42. Mesa Rose
    Luxe Icon Hoodie
    Starting at $85.00
  43. Solid LS Polo
    Solid LS Polo
    Starting at $52.00
  44. Camo T-Shirt
    Camo T-Shirt
    Starting at $38.00
  45. Mix Match Hoodie
    Mix Match Hoodie
    Starting at $45.00
  46. Raindrop Long Sleeve Tee
    Raindrop Long Sleeve Tee
    Starting at $48.00
  47. Linen Effect Long Sleeve Tee
    Linen Effect Long Sleeve Tee
    Starting at $48.00
  48. Tri-Marl Long Sleeve Tee
    Tri-Marl Long Sleeve Tee
    Starting at $47.00

48 Items

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Tops | Kangol

You’ve found the perfect pants, now all you need is a top to complete your look. The best tops are stylish, versatile, and perfect for warm weather or layering during winter. Shop our selection of comfy Kangol shirts, polo shirts, and other Kangol tops for that casual, relaxed look you want over the weekend, when hanging out with friends, or on any fun occasion.

Express Your Individuality in Style

Kangol clothing is also about bringing their own iconic and comfy from their headwear collection to everything else they produce. Enhance your daytime look with our classic selection of tees in different styles, sizes, and colors for that cozy feel and effortless look any day. We make it easy for you to find something that truly expresses your individuality so you can stand out. 

Our tops are perfect for outfitting laid-back casual weekends, morning workouts, and everything in between. If you’re looking for something you can wear all summer long, and then when it starts to get cold, you can throw on a cardigan top, layered with Kangol shirts and other tops. These tops easily fit in with jeans, jackets, and cool shoes to bring that style staple to any wardrobe.

Shop Our Collection of Tops Now

Shop unique men’s and women’s Kangol clothing and accessories designed to refresh your outfits in small, impactful ways. We have different iconic styles and silhouettes to match any occasion. From lightweight tops to super-soft knits, our tops are made for your unique lifestyle. Find the perfect seasonal top to make your go-to jeans or skirts feel new again.   

Want to express your personal style every day? Order Kangol shirts and tops online now.