Kangol has a selection of masculine headwear that includes everything from traditonal flat caps and fedoras to bucket hats and casual baseball caps. Even better, all of those different shapes are available in a vast array of handsome colors and patterns. Whether it's formal or relaxed attire, Kangol has all the headwear you need to outfit yourself like a true gentleman.


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  1. Wool Ushanka
    Wool Ushanka
    Regular Price $79.00 Starting at $59.25
  2. Faux Shearling Aviator
    Faux Shearling Aviator
    Regular Price $75.00 Starting at $37.50
  3. Leopard Trapper
    Leopard Trapper
  4. Wool Aviator
    Wool Aviator
  5. Multi Faux Fur Trapper
    Multi Faux Fur Trapper
  6. Faux Fur Trapper
    Faux Fur Trapper
  7. Massive Trapper
    Massive Trapper
  8. Nav Trapper
    Nav Trapper
    Regular Price $54.00 Starting at $27.00
  9. Irregular Trapper
    Irregular Trapper

9 Items

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