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This year’s Fall/Winter collection is inspired by the NatureVerse. 

The NatureVerse envisions unexplored worlds, aesthetics, and remedies by harnessing the immersive power of nature and technology. Although a digital world might appear distant from the natural world, it holds the potential to imagine and build a better, more regenerative world. Within the NatureVerse, we explore the exquisite and unexpected interplay between the realms of technology and organics.

The captivating qualities of nature and technology will influence new otherworldly aesthetics, where ethereal digital landscapes, dusky hues, bioluminescent ocean life, and the stark beauty of Mars-like terrains converge to ignite inspiration for innovative designs.

The Fall 2023 collection draws Papaya Milk, Moonstruck, and Starry Blue from Spring as continued key colors while introducing Marine Teal, Cranberry, and Glacier to signify connection with nature and wellness. Digital Lavender maintains the flow of vibrancy and synergy between digital worlds. In various combinations, this color palette offers a fresh retro feeling with futuristic vibes for the Fall 2023 season.

In pursuit of our commitment to provide increasingly sustainable items, we continue the utilization of recycled polyester yarns in Black, Tan, Charcoal, Navy, White, Scarlet, and Masters Green. These selections establish a grounding base for our latest fashion styles.

Furgora Pop Stripe CasualFurgora Pop Stripe Casual
Gadget CasualGadget Casual
Check Quilt BucketCheck Quilt Bucket
Furgora New Wave LahinchFurgora New Wave Lahinch