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Multiple shots of the Kangol 504 and 507 on models

The 504 is revered as Kangol’s iconic seamless flat cap. The shape was introduced to the market in 1954 when a stiffened peak was added to a beret.

The 504 name comes from the numbered hat block or mold used to create its shape from soft quality wool. It's easier and less intimidating to pair with a wide range of clothing and has a short well-rounded front brim for luxurious comfort. And it is fashionable, breathable, and comfortable. The 504 looks great on everyone, but some say it best suits a person with a longer face.

Brands like Kangol are always looking for new styles to suit every possible tastebud, which leads the innovative Kangol design team to create the Kangol 507. Building on the success of the 504, the 507 is also a flat cap with a very slight but noticeably sharper shape and a crown that is just a tad taller in the back.

This depth of crown gives the 507 a fit more like a baseball cap. Like its predecessor, the 507 was also an instant success and a favorite of many.

While the subtleties in the variations are slight, it has a slightly different look and is said to be best suited for a person with a fuller and rounder face.

By having both the 504 and 507 to choose from, consumers have just that many more choices. You will be delighted by so many options in either the 504 or the 507, with both styles available in tons of unique fabrics and traditional and vibrant colors.