The Heritage category is packed with the core hats and caps that Kangol has been producing for years. Generation after generation has adopted the amazing Kangol style, and these are the foundation of that style. The 504, 507, Monty Beret, Casual, and Player are just a few of the styles you can rely on for maintaining a fashionable appearance. You'll also find modern updates to some of the trusted shapes, mixing heritage and history with forward-thinking design.


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  1. Main Image
    Italian Ripley
    Regular Price $120.00 Special Price $90.00
  2. Main Image
    Bamboo Hawker
  3. Tropic Bin
    Tropic Bin
  4. Main Image
    Washed Bucket Hat
  5. Bamboo Galaxy
    Bamboo Galaxy
    Regular Price $58.00 Special Price $39.50
  6. Tweed Ripley Cap
    Tweed Ripley Cap
  7. Cord Hawker
    Cord Hawker
  8. Wool Hawker
    Wool Hawker
  9. Cord Bucket
    Cord Bucket
  10. Quilted Denim Hunter
    Quilted Denim Hunter
    Regular Price $65.00 Special Price $48.75
  11. Quilted Denim Hawker
    Quilted Denim Hawker
    Regular Price $60.00 Special Price $45.00
  12. Suited Spey
    Suited Spey
    Regular Price $55.00 Special Price $24.99

12 Items

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