Whether it’s the materials they are constructed with, their functionality, or their aesthetic design, you'll find that each collection has hats with special, unique traits. Kangol seasonal lines are separated by different collections in our catalogue, showing off the excellent variety of headwear that we are proud to offer. We’re passionate about reaching a variety of different audiences, so we design our hats and caps from various exciting angles. Take the time to look at each collection and see why Kangol is still at the top of the headwear game after 75 years!


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  1. Cotton Twill Army Cap
    Cotton Twill Army Cap
  2. The Patriot Tropic 504
    The Patriot Tropic 504
  3. MONTY™ Wool Beret
    MONTY™ Wool Beret
  4. USA Wool 504
    USA Wool 504
  5. Textured Wool Army Cap
    Textured Wool Army Cap
  6. Stripe Casual
    Stripe Casual
  7. Wool 504
    Wool 504
  8. 80th Anniversary Wool 504
    80th Anniversary Wool 504
  9. Kross Wool Pork Pie
    Kross Wool Pork Pie
    Regular Price $100.00 Special Price $50.00
  10. Furgora Casual
    Furgora Casual
  11. Wool 507
    Wool 507
  12. Faux Fur Casual
    Faux Fur Casual