Over seventy-five years ago, in a remote corner of Northwest England, Kangol was born. Founder Jaques Spreiregen created the name by combining the K from knitting, the ANG from angora, and the OL from wool as we specialised in knitted hats made from those yarns. To celebrate our anniversary, we introduce a special collection of styles representing different eras and featuring heritage styling details such as the original Knitting Needle Logo as well as a new woven tip inspired by the original military tip design. The style numbers represent the year each shape was invented: The Spitfire 1938; The 504 Cap 1954; The Casual 1983; and the 575 Cap 2013. The hats are knit in luxurious summer worsted weight wool, traditionally used in fine suiting material.

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  1. Kangol Jacquard Casual
    Kangol Jacquard Casual
    Regular Price $65.00 Special Price $32.50
  2. Bermuda Headband
    Bermuda Headband
  3. Furgora Casual
    Furgora Casual
  4. Furgora 504
    Furgora 504
  5. Shavora Casual
    Shavora Casual
    Regular Price $60.00 Special Price $39.50
  6. Bermuda Stripe Bucket
    Bermuda Stripe Bucket
  7. Bermuda 504
    Bermuda 504
  8. Track Casual
    Track Casual
    Regular Price $58.00 Special Price $29.00
  9. Stripe Casual
    Stripe Casual
  10. Wool Lahinch
    Wool Lahinch
  11. Kangol Jacquard 507
    Kangol Jacquard 507
    Regular Price $55.00 Special Price $24.50
  12. Rain Cotton Mina Cap
    Rain Cotton Mina Cap
    Regular Price $53.75 Special Price $26.87