Kangol x Keep A Breast Foundation™

Charity Initiative and Interview with co-founder Shaney jo Darden


During October 2012 Kangol will donate $2 for every hat sold online to The Keep A Breast Foundation™.
Kangol recently caught up with co-founder Shaney jo and got to speak with her about her great charity.

Kangol: Hi Shaney, why did you feel the need to start The Keep A Breast Foundation?

Shaney jo Darden: The Keep A Breast Foundation started 12 years ago in response to the growing need for breast cancer awareness programs to educate the younger generation. I wanted to find a way to utilize the worlds of fashion, music, art, and action sports to generate awareness and methods of prevention to a demographic who might not realize that cancer can happen to anyone of any age.

K: Why should young people be concerned about Breast Cancer?

SjD: Breast cancer isn’t your mother’s disease anymore. I know people younger than me, teenagers even, who have been diagnosed, and it’s a scary thing! A lot of people aren’t aware that males can get breast cancer too. That’s why we want to be able to educate young people about how to check for breast cancer and take measures to lower their own risk of the disease.

K: What should young people be doing today to limit their risk of getting cancer?

SjD: Check Your Self! Knowing how to do a breast self-exam is one of the best ways to understand what’s normal for your body, so you can detect if something’s wrong. It’s so important to lead a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s making smarter diet choices, avoiding toxic chemicals found in things like your makeup or deodorant, or just exercising every day.

K: What part of The Keep A Breast Foundation are you most proud of to date?

SjD: I’m so excited that we’ve been able to reach out to so many young people about breast cancer prevention. We’re engaging, educating, and mobilizing this new generation with life-saving information, and that’s something that just hasn’t been done before.

K: What’s coming up for the Keep a Breast Foundation?

SjD: We have so much in store for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Keep A Breast is partnering with supporters nationwide for a fundraising program, where people can purchase a paper bracelet pin-up and write their own inspiring messages on them to display in stores. There’s also our “This Is My Pink Ribbon” campaign that allows anyone, from celebrities to everyday young people, to share why they wear their I Love Boobies! bracelets and what the bracelets mean to them.

K: And finally… what’s your favorite Kangol Hat?

SjD: I love the Plume Siren in Sapphire! It’s perfect for traveling and roadtripping!